Death, betrayal and adultery are everyday concerns in Promise City, Utah, while murder, rape, impersonations and returns from the dead are shocks that happen with dreadful regularity. Royal Hearts Productions is the premiere production house in the city, thanks to the brilliance of Victor Von Schroeder and the money hungry dominance of his son, Reese. Second to the Von Shroeders company is Matthias Golden's Golden Entertainment. The two families compete for personal and business dominance against the backdrop of the film distribution world.

Promiseland is the new series created by Gerren Hall, directed by Tom Logan. Promiseland is shooting now in southern California. It will premiere in the fall of 2020, only on Facet.TV.

Created & written by Gerren Hall, Directed by Tom Logan. Starring Gerren Hall, Connie Chiarelli, James Reynolds, Melissa Blackwood, Joey MacAvoy, Dante Dumas, Earl Hundt, Arabia Shanklin, Ed Hollingsworth, Jeffrey H. Coy, Carll Ling, Wil Rietkerk. Produced by Chad Carpenter, Earl Hundt, Gerren Hall & James Reynolds.