Facet TV Series


Death, betrayal and adultery are everyday concerns in Promise City, Utah, while murder, rape, impersonations and returns from the dead are shocks that happen with dreadful regularity. Royal Hearts Productions is the premiere production house in the city, thanks to the brilliance of Victor Von Schroeder and the money hungry dominance of his son, Reese. Second to the Von Shroeders company is Matthias Golden's Golden Entertainment. The two families compete for personal and business dominance against the backdrop of the film distribution world.

Esco Eats

Host - adventurer - personality Esco travels to restaurants around the nation. Join him as he turns food into adventure, in ways never seen before. Fun, outrageous and electrically energetic! Esco Eats is a new type of cooking show, with just enough spice!

Coming to Facet.tv in July, 2020!

Case Management

Season One of the award-winning comedy web-series created by Levi A. Otis, Case Management comes to Facet.TV in July, 2020!

Rhonda is freshly promoted to program manager at Hollywood housing, a housing program for people in need. Rhonda decides the best way to show America how to run a professional non profit program is to have her and the case managers, Keeta, Ca$h and newly hired Missie's daily routine documented by a reality camera crew. The problems start when everyone forgets the camera is on...