Advertising and Sponsorship On Facet TV

Facet TV has opportunities for you and your business to get long-term, high profile exposure. Like everything else we do, Facet TV is making its own way in advertising. We don't take advertising feeds from marketing services - we broker advertising packages from the ground up, in-house.We have several options from which to draw from:

  1. offer discounts on the Facet TV site; Facet TV has a "special offers" section which will launch in summer 2021. There, your product or service can be listed, with sales through the Facet TV Screen Gem Shop, or linked directly to your own site or shoping cart.
  2. offer discounts to Facet TV users in our direct newsletter. Facet TV Members love to receive discounts and special offers, and we like to present them with exciting new opportunities. We always note special offers in our Member Newsletter - but if you want to really impress people, you can make a special to be contained only in our newsletter. (We do not sell or rent our member information)

Or become a show sponsor! Facet TV Show Sponsors can leverage their profile in a number of ways:

  1. video advertising with a show - which lets us lower the cost of the show to the consumer.
  2. in-show product placement or appearance (on certain shows only) - which is very long-term advetising. For an example - see some of our Sponsors who have taken advantage of the opportnity to be associated with shows on Facet TV.
  3. Partial or full show sponsorship - where you become a producer of an episode or series, and where that episode or series goes, so does your acknowledgement (and other perks as well).

For more information, contact us thorugh the contact form on ths site. We will have a representative contact you very quickly.