Creators On Facet TV

Facet.TV is a streaming and DL platform for truly independent series, films and special presentations.

And we are looking for new series, mini-series and special productions!

We are always open to hearing from creators who have their own voice and their own original content. Mainstream studios and major platforms are seldom interested in paying for independent content, and usually share only a miniscule percentage of the income they make from independent producers.  On the other hand, those same studios benefit from massive audience traffic from, but they pay them nothing at all for the service.

At Facet.TV we believe that the producer must make a reasonable sum per sale for the exploitation of their work. That's how the major studios and mainstream producers treat themselves and each other. That's who the independent industry should treat themselves and each other, too.

Facet TV licenses content from various sources. If you are already represented, then unless your agreement is non-exclusive, you will have to communicate with Facet TV through your sales rep/distributor.  If you are non-exclusive, or if you would like to explore what Facet TV and On Demand Global Media might be able to do for you, inquire at On Demand Global Media. Someone will be able to get back to you and they are always willing to speak to you.