Let's face it: mainstream re-works the same show over and over again. Television and major studio films might change the ethnic makeup on their screens from time to time, but they rarely change up their formulae.

Major television relies on replication of formulae for its content.  Mainstream film has come to rely increasingly on an unending stream of remakes, reboots, rehashes, adaptations, sequels and copies.  Both of these efforts hope to extract more money from the same audience. Both repeatedly feed you "more of the same."  Seldom will mainstream risk something different or new.

At Facet TV, we know that true variation, true diversity, is required in your entertainment experience.  True diversity gives you new ideas; it breaks your routine.  It helps you to think.  It is part of your right as a human being.

At a Facet TV, "diversity" means more than just a "rainbow" cast. You have to do more to show the diversity of America, and the diversity of human stories. We do not agree, for instance, that simply changing the lead in a cop show or action film from male to female turns it into a "woman's story."  We do not agree that simply subbing in "POC" cast is "diversity" or "inclusive" when the rest of the show is identical to any other mainstream show.  Both of these examples are improvements to the past. At least they show different people in different roles on screen. At least they can symbolize that all people can be in certain roles. But these shows seldom attempt to make other changes that the face of the cast.

At Facet TV, we do something better. We bring you shows actually created outside the small Hollywood/Burbank clic of writers, producers and actors. We strive for cast that represent America. And more, we bring you shows that have a different point of view. That do not follow established formula. We break boundaries in presentation and format. We expose you to new ideas and new people.  So that you can better appreciate the human experience, and sense the variety of the greater world around you.

Facet TV searches out shows created by people that the Hollywood/Burbank clic will never work with.  We insist on diveristy in our own productions. We open up cast-and-crew opportunities to under-represented groups in our own screen gems series.  We bring on interns and creators who admire the history of television and film, but who have distinctly different stories.  Part of our mission is to help them express themselves, and become part of the creative film and television industry.  Facet TV is doing its part to ensure the future is one full of new viewpoints and a vital creative landscape.

We believe four efforts will help create a better world and and will bring a wider range of entertainment content and ideas to you.