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Shotzie Cado is Sin 13, in the series created by Shadow Dragu-Mihai
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Watch Sin 13 Episode One Now Sin 13 Episode One "Memories" - Associate Director Martin One announces to the other SIE leadership that he has established the elite Section 13, with wide powers and a very special project... Project Nut.  Then he introduces them to Section 13's new top agent... Sin. Sin doesn't know them, but they cetainly know her. And they are not certain she can be trusted. Will Sin remember her past association with them? And when she does, what will she do with the information?

Episode One of Sin 13 introduces Shadow Dragu-Mihai's original supernatural espionage thriller, and Shotzie Cado as Sin. Produced by Shadow Dragu-Mihai and Executive Producer Earl Hundt.

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Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Shotzie Cado stars as Sin, Carrie Cain Sparks as Cee Cee, Teodor Falcon as Bran, Marius Iliescu as Ion, Malik Anthony as Martin, Lauren Fiala as Nadja, Britt Crisp as Valika, Jeremiah Folia as Nikolae and Kfir David as Radu. With Narlyia Sterling as Agent Crossroads, Morganne Kimmel as Agent Pisces, Irene Kreuger as Agent Artemis and Brian Badolato as Agent Ares.

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