Facet TV Member Benefits

Audience Membership At Facet TV Has It's Benefits! And it's FREE!

  1. Each valid registered user of 13 years of age or older is automatically entered into every Screen Gem Giveaway.
  2. Each registered user who has filled out our demographic questionaire autimatically gets an additional free entry into every Screen GEms Giveaway!
  3. Members get discount codes to Facet TV content!
  4. Members get discounts on great Facet TV show swag and merchandise, as it comes on line!
  5. Members will get periodic special offers from sponsors, be eligible for giveaways, and get invites to special exclusive show events, like red carpet premieres, meet-the-cast events and more!
  6. Members will have the opportunity to promote their favorite Facet TV shows with affiliate links - and earn valuable merchandise and show swag by doing so!