Freedom Of Speech

Freedom Of Speech

The Facet TV team is unapologetically and passionately committed to freedom of speech. The shows you see on Facet TV will be entertaining, informative, fun and thoughtful. Once in a while they might challenge fundamental assumptions you hold dear. The viewpoints expressed therein are not endorsed by and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Facet TV, or any member of it’s team. That is the point of freedom of speech.

Facet TV does not distribute pornography, or content which can reasonably be taken to promote hatred against identifiable persons or groups of persons. Aside from that, as we grow, we seek to present you with the widest universe of artistic, dramatic and informative media. Because in diversity is strength. Lack of diversity, besides being boring, makes society less tolerant, less livable and in fact less likely to survive as a society.

Thoughts On Freedom Of Speech From Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Freedom of speech lets you tell those in power when they are wrong. It lets you tell others about it as well. It is fundamental to any society which aspires to democracy. Without freedom of speech, people have little or no ability to affect their society for the better.

A Legal and a Natural Right.

Freedom of speech is the unfettered right of every individual to express themselves in any way they want, even if that expression offends someone’s sensibilities, while not doing actual harm to other people.

More importantly, freedom of speech preserves YOUR right to be exposed to uncensored ideas and information which other people, for their own reasons, would like to keep from you. It is a bad thing to keep knowledge from you, or otherwise control your exposure to ideas. Having access to other people’s expression enriches your life, and lets you share in the human experience of others.

Be suspicious of anyone who says that any form of knowledge is "dangerous" knowledge. The concept of “dangerous information” is created by people who are afraid of repercussions for their own acts, or who fear losing control of something. No one - NO ONE - knows better than you what you should read, watch, write or experience. You should be free to watch, free to turn away, free to ignore, free to consider, free to adopt, free to reject in whole or in part, any idea in the universe. Anyone who tells you different doesn’t want to protect you. They want to control you, no matter what justification they use.

Most definitions define freedom of speech as a legal right. We know it to be a human right, in fact a natural right, and one without which humans are diminished. The need to express yourself is hard-wired into your human brain, and into every other human brain. Once you eat, and have a place to lay your head - you need to express who you are. It is a part of the human journey, possibly the most important part. And regardless of what people tell you, you will always think what you think, even if they don’t let you say it. So apart from a legal right, it is a natural right of all humans.

In the United States, freedom of speech is also a constitutional right. That means no one, including the government, has the legal power to infringe upon it outside of a very restricted set of circumstances. That doesn’t mean that people will not try. History shows people from across the spectrum will try to restrict your freedom of speech. Government tries all the time. But it also means that you have the right to fight back and keep that right. We encourage you to maintain your freedom of speech and to do all you can to keep it for yourself and for others. Our own freedom of speech depends upon it.

Courtesy, Tolerance and Political Correctness.

Freedom of speech is fundamental to a tolerant society. But it is not a one way street, it requires your tolerance and open mind. You must be willing to see new and different things, and to be exposed to new and different ideas. You must be willing to be offended once in a while and to disagree with others without hating them. Freedom of speech is for strong people, who are tolerant of others. People who are too weak to endure challenges to their assumptions cannot abide freedom of speech in others. But suppressing someone’s freedom of speech is doing them harm, legally and morally.

Freedom of speech thrives within the concept of courtesy and respect. You express yourself, but you do not hurt others. When others express themselves, you do not seek to suppress them merely because you disagree. Rather, you respect their rights to freedom of speech. You consider what they say and if you disagree, so be it. But you do not suppress their expression.

Conversely, freedom of speech cannot exist in a culture of “political correctness” (“PC”). PC is a tool of control, not progress. PC is by definition anti-freedom of speech, and by definition anti-democratic and anti-human rights. PC is about instilling fear and obedience in others.

Couched in terms suggesting progressive intent, PC applies labels to whole groups, and treats those groups as monoliths. No longer do you know or think of people in a PC category as individuals who each have their own experiences and thoughts and ideas (whether you agree with them or not). Now they are identified under one label as a cohesive, unified group that you are not part of, and which you must be careful not to offend. Or, if you are part of that group, you are no longer seen as an individual by those outside your group. Your political and social aspects and your assumed experience are now defined by association with that label, regardless of what you think about it. You are a cultural prisoner, essentially a kind of political prisoner. Your humanity is reduced to a label, and your characteristics are defined by the definition of that label.

PC is not about politeness or respect. Politeness and respect is about politeness and respect. PC is about divide and conquer. It is about treating different groups of individuals differently, based on the group they are in. It is not about treating people equally and fairly. PC defines who ”others” are for you, and how you should relate to them. It defines how other groups will relate to you. It is a tool of dehumanization.

 There is a phrase we do not hear often these days: treat others as you would have them treat you.

I suppose that phrase may be too unifying for the forces of PC, or too spiritual, since the aims of PC is to divide and conquer and dehumanize. When you treat others as you would have them treat you, you do not ignore their special circumstances. The concept requires compassion for them. It requires that you permit each other the expression of your respective points of view. It requires you to own the fact that you can change the channel or turn away or set aside whatever “offense” you might have. It requires that we all recognize each others fundamental humanity. It requires us, even when we disagree, to enter into the humanity of the other. It is, in fact, a tool of human unity.

Far from encouraging compassion and respect, PC has led to rampant “cancel culture” - destructive and injurious to individuals, and to society. It encourages personal attacks and absurd drama over feigned or real hurt feelings. PC puts the onus on YOU not to say anything that might be remotely offensive to ANYONE, rather than putting the onus on the person who might be offended to react like an adult. PC is anathema to a healthy democracy. In the western so-called democracies, it has gotten far beyond unacceptable levels. It must be stopped.

Support and defend your freedom of speech. The best way to do that - maybe the only way - is to support and defend the freedom of speech of others. Do not participate in suppression or "silencing" others, even if you do not agree with them. Defend their rights. Fight against those who suppress them. The removal of their right is in fact the removal of your own right. You can count on the fact that you will be next.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, EIC, Facet.TV