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Why work with Facet TV?

Because we are going to change the world. We believe in a world of diverse voices, where people get to see original and thought-provoking entertainment media. Where independent writers, directors, producers, on-screen talent and crew create visions that capture the imagination, Where independent creators are helping to change the world with their art, and making a sustainable income at the same time.

Facet TV is founded on the idea that independent filmmakers should have access to the wide audience, and should make enough money from their well-produced, orignal ideas to keep doing what they love to do.

Facet TV is at the start of it's "rolling launch" - it's founding period where we put additional pieces in place one by one, and build as we go. At this time, we need entrepreneurial people who can see how they can make a difference in the independent industry, and who can see how they can help everyone including themselves make a sustainable income.

We're not looking to recruit long-established people jumping ship from old-school distribution companies, with a musty rollodex of contacts in disintegrating distribution pipelines. We're not looking for executives from corporate studios who have programmed their thinking to accept and parrot industry myth, even when they can see it isn't true.

We're looking for people who find the perpetual re-boot, re-hash, remake, yet-another-sequel cycle of mainstream to be creatively bankrupt. We're looking for people who rail against closed distribution networks and industry representatives who quack nonsense about audiences only wanting to see films with  A-list actors and 100 million dollar budgets, when they themselves will never be permitted anywhere near such a production. We're looking for people who know that the audience is looking for new and original. We're looking for people who understand that there is an audience for every well-done production.

We're looking for those who know that the de facto collapse of in-person cinema isn 't a disaster for independent film industry - it's an opportunity. We are looking for those who know independent film can actually rival masintream in importance, in audience, and in revenues.

Facet TV. We are original. We are truly independent. Apparently, that makes us dangerous.

Think you are interested? Read our pages on "Why Independent?", "Freedom of Speech" and on "Diversity." If it resonates with you, perhaps you are one of us. And consider working with us.

Click here to see current opportunites to work with Facet TV or it's producing partners.