Series & Movie Pricing on Facet TV

At Facet TV, we want to bring you great shows at a reasonable price, and we want to reward our producers so that they can keep making original, unique movies.

Independent creators see things differently
Photo by Giota Sakellariou

So on Facet TV, you pay only for what you watch. You support the shows you like. You do not subsidize shows you don't watch. We have three main pricing structures:

  1. PPV - Pay per view. This is like a rental where you get 48 or 72 hours to watch the episode or movie.
  2. Series Season Subscription - most series have new episodes which come out weekly, bi-weekly or on another rotation. Instead of renting each episode of one of your favorite shows, you can subscribe to the whole season, and you get to watch each new episode as it comes out, as well as all previously released episode in that season. You can purchase a season subscription in advance for most series. Some series do not have subscriptions available for every season.
  3. Show Anthologies and Bundles - We bundle or anthologize a set of shows together and you pay a single price to stream it for a limited time, or to download and own it. Not all shows are offered this way.

Some shows, seasons or bundles may also have a Purchase Option. This will let you pay one price to download a version of the show. You own that download and of course you can watch it as many times as you want.

Your Support of Independent Creators on Facet TV Makes A Difference.

The producers, cast and crew on shows Facet TV brings you are completely independent. They are not funded by large studios with deep pockets and institutional credit in the hundreds of millions of dollars. They fund their work out of their own savings and small investors who believe in them. However an independent movie takes the same effort and expense that a mainstream movie takes. In Hollywood a "no budget" movie is anything made for under $100,000. And it really does cost that much. Imagine building something that takes $100,000 to create, and then having to make your money back at one penny per stream on Amazon (which is what Amazon Prime currently pays to the independent film makers it streams). So when you support a show on Facet TV, you are helping real people create more shows for you to watch - all at or near the same price as you pay for the mainstream movie. You help keep new ideas and new voices in the media for yourself and your children to be exposed to. You are contributing to a healthy

Coming Soon: In the coming months, Facet TV is developing an advertiser-funded option as well. This way, Facet TV members can watch any content on Facet.TV for free.