Sin 13

Sin 13 series poster, an original series by Shadow Dragu-Mihai, starring Shotzie Cado

Sin awakes to find herself a legal ward of the SIE. The victim of a bullet to the head while on a previous mission, her injury wiped out all her memories. She is, essentially, a new person and must learn anew how to navigate a world where money isn't always what people fight over, death is around every corner, and every decision she makes has serious consequences. In this dangerous environment, Sin defines for herself what it means to be human. But she learns early on that in her world, there are really only two laws that count: 1. Be loyal, and 2. Survive.

Sin 13 is A Facet TV Screen Gem Premiering March 13, 2021! Shadow Dragu-Mihai's original supernatural espionage thriller Sin 13 stars Shotzie Cado as Sin, an elite spy who wakes up after surviving a bullet to the head. Sin works for the Romanian SIE, a black-box espionage agency intent on reviving and adapting the frightening CIA programs MKULTRA and MKOFTEN.

See Sin13 Season 1 EpisodesSin 13 is a stylish dive into a world of espionage, betrayal and international high-stakes. Part Atomic Blonde, part Ghost in the Shell, part 1990 La Femme Nikita, Sin 13 makes you quetion your leadership's decisions... and your own.

Created by Shadow Dragu-Mihai. Produced by Shadow Dragu-Mihai and Executive Producer Earl Hundt.

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1 Season(s)
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Shotzie Cado stars as Sin, Carrie Cain Sparks as Cee Cee, Teodor Falcon as Bran, Marius Iliescu as Ion, Malik Anthony as Martin, Lauren Fiala as Nadja, Britt Crisp as Valika, Jeremiah Folia as Nikolae and Kfir David as Radu. With Narlyia Sterling as Agent Crossroads, Morganne Kimmel as Agent Pisces, Irene Kreuger as Agent Artemis and Brian Badolato as Agent Ares.

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