Virtual Theatrical Productions

Film, TV, comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, action - feature length, short, series, cycles.Facet TV Virtual Theatrical Program.. every screen genre of every format comes from live theatre.

But in 2021, is theatre still relevant? Is it still accessible to audiences? Is it even watchable?

You Bet It Is! And in the new digital world, live theatre is getting a new life and new audience.

Facet TV is the exclusive platform partner for for a new kind of theatre experience - Virtual Theatrical - created by On Demand Global Media. We are working with new and established writers, producers and stage performers. Together, we are creating unique new experiences for YOU, and helping amazing new creative voices to expand and craft the new, developing theatre format.

YOU are missing out of a whole new world of amazing experiences if you don't come to Facet TV's new Virtual Theatrical world.

This page will shortly list our coming Virtual Theatrical Season! Facet TV people will be able to subscribe to the whole season or get advance tickets to streaming or live performanes

It's exciting! Stay Tuned Here!