Where To Watch Facet TV Content

Facet TV is the direct-to-audience label for On Demand Global Media.  We bring you original Screen Gems you cannot find anywhere else, exclusive series and special presentations.

Shows on Facet TV will always be available as a "rental" streaming experience through this Facet TV website. Depending on the show, it may also be available for purchase and download, by itself or bundled with other episodes or offerings. Finally, in the near future, DVD/BRD will be offered for purchase on a selected title basis.

The Facet TV Roku Channel is coming soon! So is the Facet TV App for your mobile device.

Facet TV Screen Gems and Exclusives during their first season or first run are available only on Facet TV. After their first season or their first run those programs elswhere on the web. The additional locations will be listed on the show's individual information page, as it will be different for each show.