Who is Facet TV?

Facet TV is a new entertainment network for a new generation. What's new about Facet TV?

No platform subscriptions - you can buy a single download or subscribe to a single series - what we do not do is make you pay for a whole platform composed of content you don't watch and are not interested in. We do not rope you into paying for shows you don't watch, just because you want to watch one or two series.

Facet TV has exclusive, original content you cannot find anywhere else. Facet TV is about unique. f the show is on every platform, we don't have it, and we don't want it, because you can get it anywhere. Most every other platform shows you the same shows. So why would you prefer one over the other? And again, if you are only watching Netflix, for instance, for one or two of Netflix's own original shows, why should you pay for the whole platform? Platforms use the same catalog of content everyone else has as a bait-and-switch to sell their own shows. But if they have the same content that everyone else has... do they have any content at all?  At Facet TV, we only have shows you cannot get elsewhere. Series and films made by creators with their own voice. With a point of view mainstream seldom expores. With amazing talent Hollywood hasn't fully tapped yet. I

Your Favorite Facet TV Shows, on demand, where you are. Facet TV is developing an expansive OTT network, so that you can watch your favorite shows where you are, when you want, on your own device. Roku, Smart TV, internet, and soon the Facet TV mobile app. The mobile app will keep you informed about your favorite Facet TV shows, special offers and discounts, and it will give you access to a growing Facet TV

Connect With The Stars. Facet TV and the producers who creat shows for Facet TV believe the audience connect with people. Special effects, explosions, computer effects and those things are all fun, but at the end of the day, it's the story, the character and the talent you see on your screen which makes you want to watch. So Facet facilitates that connection with events, interviews, fan offers, fan clubs, talent representatives, and special series and character swag.

Virtual Theatrical. Virtual Theatrical is the new term used by film industry for first run films exhibnited in exclusive, limited streaming engagements. Facet TV is the leader in virtual theatrical. In fact Facet TV's parent company, On Demand Globale Media literally owns virtual theatrical (go ahead, type virtualtheatrical.com or .net or .info or .site, etc. into your browser). Facet TV will bring you exclusive first-run, limited engagement shows and special presentations that you won't see anywhere else, through our growing global virtual theatrical network.

Facet TV continues it's rolling launch thorughout 2021, with the premiere of the Facet TV Screen Gem, Sin 13.  We have a growing list of shows premiering on the network starting spring 2021. We have exclusive original features shooting in mid 2021.

Come to Facet TV to see what it's about. Stay because it's amazing.